MHA Live at Home

11th October there was a meeting of people from across the Ealing Trinity Circuit to plan the launch of the Ealing MHA Live at Home Scheme

The meeting was led by Rev Suva Catford and Rev Peter Catford – sadly Jo Holloway Green from MHA was unable to attend due to ill health.

Peter outlined the events of the last year from the seed of the idea to a small group meeting, research and visits of the local MHA Live at Home scheme in Northwood.

Suva shared her insights from the recent half day national conference in London led by MHA “Where is my older neighbour”. Sharing followed with people insights from across the Borough and further ideas and concerns that might be a part of the scheme. Transport, care for carers, small group meals, nuisense and scamming calls all were highlighted

The session ended with the sharing for ideas so far that may be included in the scheme which are below along with some vision board that Jo had produced.

Please read and reflect on these and share them with others in the church and neighbourhood. We aim to rearrange Jo’s visit as soon as possible so we can take these ideas and make them a living reality to heed God’s call to serve our Older Neighbour”

Documents distrubuted

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