Lent 2015

For our Lent course this year the Ealing Trinity Circuit invited people to come and spend some time turning over questions that had been asked of God during our Quit Zones.

Are these your questions?
Are there others that need to be added?
Which one speaks to you?

Invitation was then to talk to God about the questions on your mind and then after, over a cuppa, to talk with others about the experience and your reflections

You may like to do something similar at home -


To entering this time

Turn the rain stick over, ring a bell or clap your hands

  • Listen to the sound
  • Stand still for a moment and become aware of the sights and sounds around you; recognise them and let them go

When you are ready

  • Turn the rain stick over, ring a bell or clap your hands again
  • Stand quietly for a few moments
  • Now replay the sound of the rain stick in your mind notice how it began and how it sounded and how it faded away
  • Quietly offer this time to God

Return the rain stick and enter this space

question mark

Now take some time to look at the questions on the sacks in front of you.

They are questions asked by others of God.

Do any echo with you?

Spend some time turning it over in your mind – stay with it a while.

Perhaps the question isn’t quite the way you would word it or may be raises other questions for you?


You are invited to write your question on an empty bag if that helps

Stay with the questions that stand out.

Talk to God about them.

Notice what you think, feel or experience in this time.


Look around at others questions how do respond to them?

Here are some of the question


In this place may become aware of the needs of others and or yourself.

You are invited to move to the globe and offer prayers silently and if it helps and you are able   tie a ribbon on to the globe.

MHA walk March2015 082

Repeat  as often as you need.

In this place may become aware of things that you are carrying- shame, anger, which can get in the way of our relationship with God and with others ; frustrations; guilt; past hurts,

You are invited to write or draw them in sand.

MHA walk March2015 078

Pause and look at what you have drawn or written. Offer it to God.

In your own time wipe your hand over the sand and rub them out, as a symbol of the power of God that can take from us the things that weigh us down and renew us.

MHA walk March2015 120

When you are ready to leave mark the end of this time by turning over rain stick, sounding a bell or clapping your hand

May God bless you on your journey

Repeat these steps as often as you need.