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One of our projects as you will see is the production of Teddy Bears. They go down a treat as this letter from the Rotary Club testifies


On behalf of the Rotary Club of Hanwell and Northfields, I would like to thank you and your group of  ‘knitters’ very much indeed for the super teddies you have so very kindly made over the past 18 months. As you know we pass these on to Ealing Women’s Refuge. All the children moving into the refuge with their mothers for a few days, weeks, and on occasions, for many months, are given a teddy if they would like one. I understand some of the older children keep them as a mascot. Many of the children have to leave their homes quickly without any of their toys and a cuddly teddy at this difficult time is often a treasured possession. I have seen a number of the children with their well loved teddies!

On occasions we retain some teddies for a short time and hold a ‘Teddy Tumble’ where 24 of these teddies ‘tumble’ out of a ‘bucket’ from a great height! Each of the teddies is sponsored and the teddy landing nearest to the target is the winner. The ‘owner’ receives a small prize and all the ‘funds raised, will be going to the refuge.

I do appreciate that as a group you make different items for other organisations each year but I am delighted you have very kindly agreed to continue making a few teddies throughout the year to maintain the stock at the refuge. Thank you very much.

Having had a quick count, I realise you have now knitted almost 100 teddies which is wonderful! Please pass on my Rotary Club’s very grateful thanks to your team.

Yours sincerely

Janet Bettaccini

Chair Community Committee

Rotary Club of Hanwell and Northfields