Jesus Kids Outing

On Tuesday 7th April, eleven Jesus Kids (aged 18yrs to 8 years) and three of the JK Leaders went for their long awaited outing.

We arrived early as traffic was lighter on the A40 than expected during rush hour so we had to wait a little while but were on the doorstep of the Chinese Restaurant at 5.30pm as it opened! I soon realised why this was the restaurant selected by the majority of JKs. They could eat as much as they wanted……..and they did!!! Plates kept being filled and everyone seemed to find something they liked as a main course. This included many chicken dishes, ribs, beef, lamb, curries, sausages, salads …and chips! I was staggered by the range of desserts including endless ice cream, creamy and chocolate gateaux, bowls of orange segments and a bowl of jelly beans (filled, by the consumer from a huge bowl of jelly beans at the serving station) which vanished in seconds!) Where did these small people put it all?

After about an hour of constant eating, the youngsters slowed down and we could move to the bowling centre and the two lanes we had booked. (Only the JKs went bowling as we adults became the shoe and baggage carriers for the youngsters as they had to change into soft shoes.) Bowling proved to be very popular too with Dorcas and Rachel being the winners of their respective teams. The competition was lively and we took home some weary youngsters but they all seemed to have had a good time. I must thank Dorcas and Nicole for helping with the initial organisation and keeping the ‘show on the road’ on the night! Many thanks to Karen who drove both ways but did not stay for the fun! On behalf of all the JKs, thanks to the church for agreeing to fund this JK outing which was greatly enjoyed by all.