Ealing Foodbank

Ealing Foodbank

Here’s a round-up of what Ealing Foodbank’s been up to, what happens next and some dates for your diary…

2nd anniversary celebration:
Wednesday 8th July

Please book the date for our 2nd annual celebration and thanksgiving service. It will be at Greenford Methodist Church at 7.30 for 8pm on 8th July. We’d love to see you there.

People in real need…

One man came with a voucher 3 weeks in a row. He’d suffered an eye injury at work and couldn’t return until it was better. His statutory sick pay had run out and benefits had been delayed. He had no money at all and no electricity so he was going to bed when it got dark and eating the food we gave him cold. One week he stayed for 3 or 4 cups of coffee and a long chat.

A couple faced a change of benefits because their child had turned 5. The husband had worked on short term contracts and after the last job finished he didn’t apply for JSA hoping he’d find another job soon and so ‘wouldn’t be sponging’. Now they were in difficulty and washing the children’s clothes in washing up liquid. They weren’t expecting to get free refreshments at the foodbank nor any choice in what food they had but they were so grateful.

A man was given a £40 grant when he was discharged from prison. 2 weeks later the grant was spent and his benefit claim wasn’t sorted out. He said if it weren’t for the foodbank he’d have stolen in order to eat.

Thank God with us that many people have been helped at a crisis point in their lives. We are so grateful to the centre managers, deputies and all the volunteers who run the cafés, meet and greet clients, select and pack supplies, bake home-made cakes for the cafes and help in many ways. Huge thanks also go to the warehouse volunteers, the transport volunteers who collect and deliver supplies, and admin volunteers who help at the office.

Food in, food out

Churches, schools, organisations and the public have been wonderfully generous. In 2014/15 we received a massive 29.5 tonnes of food and toiletries and distributed 29.3 tonnes. We say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who contributed. The next Tesco national collection runs from Thursday 2nd to Saturday 4th July. We hope that our low stock of certain items will be replenished. Do get in touch if you could help us at the Old Hoover Building Tesco.

Help needed!

We’re thrilled that we now have a volunteer bookkeeper. We continue to look for a volunteer warehouse coordinator to oversee the operation of the warehouse and lead the 3 teams of volunteers. Please get in touch if that might be you or someone you know. We also need a cafés coordinator to support the café managers and a couple more drivers to help with transporting stock.


Our foodbank cafés in Southall and in Hanwell have just celebrated their first birthdays and Northolt will be one in July. All the cafés receive a wide range of clients from week to week, and offer a listening ear as well as food and toiletries. In the year April 2014 to March 2015 we received 1,496 clients and provided emergency supplies to 2,017 adults and 1,249 children, a total of 3,266. The total number of people fed since we first opened now stands at 4,750. 


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