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Methodist Youth challenge to conference

Young Methodists have challenged the Church to be more open and willing to discuss issues of sexual identity, pornography and sexual relationships in a report to the Methodist Conference.

The Children and Youth Assembly report, which was presented to the Conference today, highlighted the need for open discussions on contemporary views of sexuality among other key areas of concern for young people within the Church.

Presenting the report to the Conference, Methodist Youth President Megan Thomas said “Sex is an important topic for young people, but despite the Church often having strong views on sex related issues, they are rarely talked about or discussed openly. It is important that if we are going to hold moral positions on sexual issues in the Church, then we need to be willing to talk about them freely and honestly. Discussions about sex-related issues are especially important for youth groups, as the Church needs to provide information for children and young people that they may otherwise not receive.”

Alongside calls for openness to discussions on pornography and sexual relationships, the topic of transgender was particularly highlighted as an area which needs further discussions in a sensitive way.

Megan added “People are beginning to take transgender more seriously and we recognise that the Methodist Church still has some work to do in discussing the questions transgender raises and how we can be inclusive in an issue that has the potential for disagreement. We believe that the first step to addressing the topic is to begin with conversation in an informative and sensitive way.”

Other issues that the report highlights include:
- the need for an all-inclusive worship accessible and applicable for all ages.
- church discussions on attitudes towards alcohol and club culture.
- community action and radical Christian living.

The 3Generate Children and Youth assembly annually brings together children and young people aged 8-23 from across Great Britain, with attendees taking part in worship, discussions, activities, elections and more.

Jerusalem TV Summer Club for 7 – 13 year old

Jerusalem tv

The school summer holidays are just around the corner! During the year we have worked with Willow Tree and Northolt High School and would like to build on the relationships we have made within our community by offering a holiday activity. At Northolt Methodist Church we have invited Family Friendly Churches (FFC) to arrange a holiday workshop for 7-13year olds to run from Tuesday 21st July to Saturday 25th July 2015 during the morning or the afternoon. There will be no charge as we have managed to secure funding. FFC will set up a TV studio in the church and hall! Various roles are assigned to the children each day. There has to be a director and an assis-tant director, newsreaders, reporters, film editors, camera operators, jour-nalists and onlookers. The children will experience a different role each day and therefore ‘drop in’ sessions are not permitted. Children are registered on a ‘First come, first served’ basis.

The children imagine they are news reporters for a TV company. There is a huge story breaking in Jerusalem around Jesus the healer and preacher. Their TV company wants to be the first to report this story and the task is to prepare a TV bulletin from tape recordings, film clips, interviews etc all within 2 hrs! All the professional equipment (which is provided) is operated by the children. You will be amazed how well they handle this equipment, complete the task and learn about Holy Week. You will be invited to the live broadcast!

Places are limited to 32 at each session and will be allocated strictly on a first come first served basis. The age range is set at 7 to 13yrs and therefore older and younger siblings outside this range will not be able to attend. Please apply early to avoid disappointment . To register your child please download the form by right clicking and save as then complete the registration form jerusalem tv (2)

and return it to:

or to Jerusalem TV c/o Northolt Methodist Church 240 Church Road Northolt UB5 5AE

If you would like more information please call 020 8567 1970 

 I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Taize visit – 18 to 29 years old

Are you aged 18-29 and interested in visiting Taize?

There is an opportunity for Methodists aged 18-29 to join a group of students from Cliff College to experience a week of worship, reflection and spirituality with the Taizé community in France, in a programme designed for those of university age. This will take place on 14th- 21st June 2015. There is an additional option to complete a Cliff Certificate in Christian Spirituality using your reflections on the week in Taize.

For details see the flyer  Taizé-study-tour

Sponsored Read of St Mark’s Gospel 28th Feb

Tomorrow, SATURDAY 28th FEBRUARY the Jesus Kids will be holding a Sponsored Read of St Mark’s Gospel (the shortest Gospel!) in the church from 10.30 am and we anticipate this will take about 2 hours. (Church will be open from 10am for a prompt 10.30am start!)
We appreciate most folk will not be able to stay for the whole time but if you could drop by for 30 mins or so and make a donation towards MIND that woud be wonderful, thank you and the JKs will have tea, coffee and biscuits available throughout the reading. After the reading, the readers will have hot dogs and if there are any over, so can the listeners too! Elizabeth has made some delicious cakes too…..unless of course you have given up cakes for Lent!!
Look forward to seeing you tomorrow if you can make it. If you can’t come but would like to make a donation towards the JKs sponsorship for MIND please see Elizabeth or Janet.