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London Citizens a placement in review

My Placement with West London Citizens

Though Ealing Trinity Circuit joined West London Citizens in 2013, my involvement began at the beginning of 2014 when I met with Jasper, an organiser. I was interested in doing the 2-day training leadership course that Citizens offered. Instead I found myself becoming involved in the Local Election Accountability Assembly. About the same time, I found out that I hadn’t been successful in candidating to be a Methodist minister and wouldn’t be going forward for ministerial training. I wasn’t sure what to do. I didn’t feel that candidating was over for me; it still felt important but I couldn’t reapply for a year at least so I needed something that would give me some practical training, some skills, some way of developing me. It was then that I heard about a two year part-time master’s course in Community Organising run by Queen Mary University. I successfully applied for the course with some help with funding from the circuit.

The main attraction of the course for me was that it offered practical training and experience through a five month placement with Citizens UK. My placement was based in Northolt and Greenford Methodist Churches with the aim of getting a team of people to make a difference around an issue the churches felt strongly about. My first step was to hold about thirty one-to-one conversations with people from both churches mainly at their homes but also at work, church, cafe and even on the tube. I then invited people from the churches to a Sanctuary Vigil at William Perkins School. The purpose vigil was to ask Steve Pound MP to commit to ending indefinite detention for asylum seekers. The evening started with song, a stirring story from someone who had been detained indefinitely, and Steve Pound being asked if he would commit to work with Citizens to end this atrocity. Then the group formed a circle outside holding candles with candles in the centre laid out in the shape of the hands of a clock as we stood in silence waiting with those who were being detained. Nine people from Ealing Trinity Circuit were present at the vigil.

From those who came to the vigil and others from the church, we formed a team to take action – not on immigration but on the issue chosen by the group: homelessness. We met several times as a team to plan and listened to people in the churches and those who had been homeless to get a better idea of what we could do. After speaking to Eric, a Big Issue Seller, we decided that one of the ways we could help would be to buy insulated mugs to give to people who were homeless so that they could keep soup/a hot drink with them during the day. The team went back to the churches to raise money to buy mugs aiming for £25 from each church and raised £61. Since collecting the money, we have also had two extra mugs donated. We hope to give the mugs to Father Gerard at St Anselm’s Church, Southall, who works with the homeless.

My placement officially ended in May when I went with a group of people from Northolt and Greenford to the General Election Accountability Assembly on Bank Holiday Monday 4th May at Westminster Central Hall. 2,200 people packed the hall from a program that included singing, music, a history lesson, poetry, and personal stories. The main part of the program was when the three main political party leaders were asked whether they would work with Citizens UK to make a difference on four issues: improved social care, end to indefinite detention, a fairer credit system and living wage. It wasn’t just about making demands; the work that politicians had already done with Citizens was recognised and they were thanked. Also key leaders that have played a part in Citizens UK were recognised and they literally handed batons to the Citizens UK Young Leaders to acknowledge their role in organising. It wasn’t all about the people at the front particularly when representatives from the alliances (groups set up by Citizens in different areas of the country) asked for people from their alliance ‘to stand up and be counted’. West London Citizens were well represented, as was Ealing Trinity Circuit with seven people.

Even though my placement finished in May, I hope to continue working with the team and with others around the circuit. For London Citizens the next big event will be Thursday 28April 2016 6-8.30pm at The Copper Box Arena, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, where 6,000 people will be packed hold to account the mayoral candidates. West London Citizens have started a listening campaign to find out problems people are having around housing to take to this event.

From just two churches thirty three people have got involved in the organising process with thirteen taking part in actions. How much more could we achieve if all the churches from the circuit got involved? It is time we stood up and were counted.

By Rebecca Catford

Welcome Service for Revd Nigel Cowgill as new District Chair

We write on behalf of the London District of the Methodist Church to invite you (minister and your congregation) to join us for a service of welcome for the Revd Nigel Cowgill as he assumes his new role as one of our three District Chairs.

The service will be held at 6pm on Sunday, 23rd August 2015 at Hinde Street, 19 Thayer Street, London, W1U 2QJ.

Nigel is currently the Superintendent Minister in the Harrow and Hillingdon Circuit and within the leadership team he will have particular pastoral oversight for the churches and Circuits of North London, as well as sharing in the wider work of the District.

The service will be followed by refreshments

Jerusalem TV Summer Club for 7 – 13 year old

Jerusalem tv

The school summer holidays are just around the corner! During the year we have worked with Willow Tree and Northolt High School and would like to build on the relationships we have made within our community by offering a holiday activity. At Northolt Methodist Church we have invited Family Friendly Churches (FFC) to arrange a holiday workshop for 7-13year olds to run from Tuesday 21st July to Saturday 25th July 2015 during the morning or the afternoon. There will be no charge as we have managed to secure funding. FFC will set up a TV studio in the church and hall! Various roles are assigned to the children each day. There has to be a director and an assis-tant director, newsreaders, reporters, film editors, camera operators, jour-nalists and onlookers. The children will experience a different role each day and therefore ‘drop in’ sessions are not permitted. Children are registered on a ‘First come, first served’ basis.

The children imagine they are news reporters for a TV company. There is a huge story breaking in Jerusalem around Jesus the healer and preacher. Their TV company wants to be the first to report this story and the task is to prepare a TV bulletin from tape recordings, film clips, interviews etc all within 2 hrs! All the professional equipment (which is provided) is operated by the children. You will be amazed how well they handle this equipment, complete the task and learn about Holy Week. You will be invited to the live broadcast!

Places are limited to 32 at each session and will be allocated strictly on a first come first served basis. The age range is set at 7 to 13yrs and therefore older and younger siblings outside this range will not be able to attend. Please apply early to avoid disappointment . To register your child please download the form by right clicking and save as then complete the registration form jerusalem tv (2)

and return it to:

or to Jerusalem TV c/o Northolt Methodist Church 240 Church Road Northolt UB5 5AE

If you would like more information please call 020 8567 1970 

 I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Auction of Promises

Please find below the latest Auction of Promises List we will use after the Bring and Share lunch on Sunday. If you have a last minute idea, we can always add this to the end of the typed sheet of promises!
We have some white plastic garden chairs for sale so if anyone wants to donate other items we can auction, please let me know BUT any items left unsold will have to be returned to the seller. Thank you.

Lot No


Description of Promise


Large Loaf of Home  Made Bread


Chocolate Fudge Cake


A Return Lift to Go Shopping or for a Drive


Home Made Shortbread


Play with Trains at Kip’s House! (Sat 1st August 11am to 1pm)


To give a return lift during the daytime


Hand Made Card for Special Occasion (Wedding / Christening / Graduation / almost anything!) Stitched on linen card


Home Made Shortbread


Set of 10 Hand Made Greetings Cards


Canal Boat Trip for 4-6 People


7.5in Victoria Sponge (jam or jam and buttercream filling)


Large Loaf of Home Made Bread

Play with Trains at Kip’s House

(Sat 1st August 3pm to 5pm)

Hand Made Card for Special Occasion (Wedding / Christening / Graduation / almost anything!) Stitched on linen card

Home Made Shortbread


Canal Boat trip for 4-6 people


Large Loaf of Homemade Bread

Play with Trains at Kip’s House

(Sun 2nd August 3pm to 5pm)

Hand Made Card for Special Occasion (Wedding / Christening / Graduation / almost anything!) Stitched on linen card

Home Made Shortbread


White Plastic Garden Chairs for Sale