Carol Cafe Service

January 3rd 2015

The church gathered together for a chance to sing carols, have a party and play a few games

Well the games weren’t that active. There was a wordsearch and some anagrams but the main game was to play consquences. However it was with a twist we used the readings from 9 lessons and carols and with a few lead in words found out what we thought of the readings

Below are the readings and the consequences and thanks to all for taking part you are stars

First lessons: Genesis 1
Second lesson: Genesis 3, vv 8-19
Third lesson: Genesis 22 vv 15-18
Fourth lesson: Isaiah 11 vv 1-3a, 4a, 6-9
Fifth lesson: Luke 1 vv 26-35, 38
Sixth lesson: Luke 2 vv 1, 3-7
Seventh lesson: Luke 2 vv 8-16
Eighth lesson: Matthew 2 vv 1-12
Ninth lesson: John 1 vv 1-14

Series 1

God said – “I have provided everything you need in life.”

And people responded with fear and shame

And God responded “Too right you are! But you can make all of it right.”

And the prophets heard – “All is not lost – there is hope for the future”

And the messenger announced “that a miracle was going to happen and that the Saviour of the world would come.”

And God dwelled amongst human kind. Emmanuel “God is with us”.

The shepherds saw an enormous rocket up in the sky because a baby had been born.

The foreigners realised that Jesus came for everybody.

And the consequence was that God is with us for evermore…. Amen

Series 2

God said “Let There be Light” (Eternal) (Source of Light)

And people responded “Now we are in big trouble”
And God responded – I’ll give you another chance”

The prophets heard what was to come in the future and knew that all should be equal.

And the messenger announced “The birth of Jesus and the Conception Mary will have a baby – ‘boy’ who will be Son of God. Also announced Elizabeth was 6 months pregnant. Revealed how he was going to rule . Saviour of Mankind.”

And God made a star shine like it never had before. He had a great plan.

The Shepherds heard the good news of the Lord’s birth

And the foreigners – spread the Good news

The consequence was the gift of everlasting life to all believers. Salvation – but the world did not know him.

Series 3

And God said – I give you the world to care for.

And the people responded – by confessing their sins

God responded with a blessing

And the prophets heard “There will be peace on earth for eternity for all who ask”

And the Messenger announced the birth of Jesus, bringing love to the world.

And God —- became a Father

And the shepherds heard “The good news of the birth. Invitation to see the Christ – the sign”

And the foreigners read it in the stars and went to worship him!

And the consequence was – Life everlasting

Series 4

And God said – I Like it

And the people responded – What do we do now?

And God responded – You trusted me and, therefore, I give you my blessing.

And the prophets heard the promises of God and signs of what is to come

And the messenger said “Your expected delivery date of your baby is Christmas Day – be prepared.”

And God saw that it was good.

And the Shepherds heard songs of angels telling them the Good News.

And the foreigners came to pay homage and offered him with gifts and returns to their own Country.

And the consequence was that the world was turned upside down forever by the birth of one baby.