Cafe style Harvest – Money Talk

Saturday 4th October at 5pm saw worship in the church hall (cafe style)

Worship led by the band led into a reflection on Nehemiah and especially chapter 5.

The discussion on what God may be challenging us today was based led to comments that are below and very helpful

Some brave puppeteers brought the song by Apolgetix to life It’s tough

Thank you to all who brought food and themselves to this service

1: How do people in your community experience money – and in particular the organisations through which they borrow and save? Are they are problems/issues they face?
  • Harassment by debt collectors
  • Budget
  • Living with means
  • Never enough – the rich always want more
  • Suicide
  • Choices
  • Media and advertising
  • Expectation of extra to do things not essential with not easy to make ends meet on food, bills and loans for emergencies
  • Credit cards with high interest rates, miss sold products like PPI lack of trust in banks
  • Student loans maintaining a culture of debt
  • High mortgage rates
  • Cultural pressure through Christmas, Weddings, birthdays etc.
  • Pressure to keep job because of financial pressure no loan no home
  • Affluenza – keeping up with Joneses
  • Ever rising cost of living – clothes
  • Lack of pay rise and pension rise


2: What practical changes would make a positive difference on these issues?  

  • The holding banks and lenders to account stringently – Wonga
  • Tighter controls on banks
  • Remove student loans so debt culture challenged from early on
  • Make realistic increase to wages and pensions
  • Living wage to be realistic even if have to pay more
  • Educate people to recognise pay more is not bad but helps others live – people who are like us
  • Change advertising culture for more, more, more.


3: What is the role of your church in making those kinds of changes happen?
  • Supporting through Debt counselling service like CAP in ealing
  • Talking about and supporting local credit union CUBE
  • Running courses in household budgeting and cookery
  • Offer one to one support and fellowship
  • Work ecumenically with campaigns and services
  • Go to AGM of Cooperative and local organisations to do with banks and credits
  • Support Foodbanks and other ways to share resources creatively